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Every child is unique.

At Overton Preschool Playgroup we monitor your child’s progress, planning and supporting your child as they develop at their own pace.

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as a guide to a child’s development. Each child has a Learning Journey folder, where their activities, achievement and development is recorded and shared regularly with parents.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) and Behaviour Coordinators (BeCos) can provide additional help for children who need extra support.


We’re thrilled that Ofsted has rated Overton Playgroup as ‘outstanding’ across all areas inspected.  The inspector noted that our staff members act as wonderful role models for the children and that children are extremely well prepared for school.  She was impressed with how we work with parents by promptly sharing valuable insights with them and planning ways to meet individual needs and challenge children appropriately.

The inspector recognised that as well as having a manager that provides strong leadership, we have a dedicated and highly qualified team that have a shared vision to give every child the best possible start through high-quality care and learning experiences. 

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