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Our Staff

We are very proud of our outstanding team at Overton Preschool Playgroup. All of our keypersons are parents of children who have attended the Playgroup and work at both settings, moving around each year. 
Amanda Igo: Manager

Amanda joined Overton Preschool in September 2000. She has an NNEB and NVQ IV qualification in Childcare and Education. Amanda manages both the settings, and is very much involved in the daily planning of the settings. She is very passionate about early years education.

Angela Cowperthwaite:
Room Leader Preschool

Angela is the Room Leader at the Preschool which is attached to Overton Primary School. Angela holds an NVQ III in Childcare and Education, and joined our team in 2005. 

She loves being outdoors and so especially enjoys our woodland walks.

Linda Shanks:
Room Leader Playgroup

Linda is the Room Leader at the Playgroup Setting at the Community Centre. Linda holds an NVQ III in Childcare and Education, and joined our team in 2008, after being a member of the Parent Management Committee. Linda has the additional responsibility of Birth to Three Co-ordinator.

All of our staff are qualified to NVQIII and each holds a First Aid certificate and safeguarding qualifications. All members of the Leadership team are also keypersons to children.

We currently have other keypersons:

Hazel Duncombe

Clare Miller

Leanne Britton

Our SENCO is Eva Jones.



When your child starts at Playgroup, your family will be assigned to a keyperson. This person is a member of staff who will work with you and monitor your child’s learning and development journey. The role of a keyperson is to introduce your family and child to the Playgroup, to be your child’s special friend in the group and build up a close relationship that helps your child to settle quickly and easily.


You will be able to talk to your keyperson in confidence about your child, including any special needs, medical and dietary requirements and any pet words that are useful at home for toilet, drink etc. Your keyperson will keep a watchful eye on your child, assist him or her to join in the activities and keep you informed on how your child is settling into Playgroup in his or her early days.


The keyperson will be responsible for keeping a record of your child’s progress by making regular observations. All new developments will be noted and recorded and a play plan will then be formulated according to your child’s needs. In doing this the keyperson will liaise with you and you may discuss your child’s progress with them, helping to keep our records up to date with developments that take place at home. Whilst doing this you will be able to help develop and review our play plans.


If you have any worries about your child in or out of Playgroup, the keyperson will be able to discuss this with you. Your keyperson will observe confidentiality as necessary.

Our aims for your children:

  • to become excited, enthusiastic, curious and confident about learning

  • to be resilient and ready to take on all that is on offer

  • to be confident to ask questions, take risks and find solutions

  • to feel safe, secure and cared for

  • to know they are at the forefront of their keyperson's mind

  • to feel that the contributions they make are valued and respected

  • to have a broad range of knowledge and skills gained through everyday experiences

  • to be active and healthy

  • to feel that their efforts will be recognised and celebrated

  • to be comfortable to communicate their thoughts, ideas and needs in their own way

  • to be independent using self-care skills

  • to start to develop their turn taking and co-operation skills

  • to be comfortable in approaching others

  • to start to develop an awareness of their own emotions and behaviour as well as being able to reflect on them

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