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As well as the busy days at Playgroup or Preschool,  sometimes visitors are arranged to come in and talk to the children, and sometimes the children go out for a visit.

It is important for children to learn about the place where they live, and to support this we take small groups out to visit places like the Library, local shops, Fire station, to the postbox if there is a letter to be posted, to see the ducks to the park or even on the bus. We enjoy going to sing to local elderly people, at the care home, the drop in centre and for the Community lunch club.


Preschool children might go for a walk up to the Harrow Way, down to Flashetts or to visit our apple tree in the Community Orchard. We also help build a sense of connection with our village by looking at and talking about photos of things and places in the village.

Parents are invited to come in and share with the children, whether that is a skill they have, a different language they speak, an occupation the children would like to know about, cooking or just to read  and play with the children.

We also invite local businesses and services to come and speak to the children, like Keith the Lollipop man to talk about Road Safety, and Furlock Holmes Animal Care who brought some small animals for the children to handle and learn about.

We like to take all the children out on trips together each year, and in previous years have been to Four Kingdoms Adventure Park, Marwell Zoo, Paultons Park and to Northington Farm to see the lambs.

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