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The Great Outdoors!

In the last few weeks, we’ve been able to leave coats behind more often than not, the grass needs mowing with worrying frequency and sun cream is now a priority on the shopping list. So summer must officially be here! With the long summer holidays looming, we can have mixed feelings about how to keep our busy little bees active and happy for 6 weeks. If you’re lucky enough to get away on holiday for a few days, then hopefully exploring a new part of the world will be full of exciting adventures. However, we are so fortunate in Overton to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and there is so much to see and do on our doorstep.

Here are some of our favourite ideas about how to spend time outside and encourage our children to embrace nature:

1. Nature treasure hunts- write a list in advance of things to spot (a white feather, a pretty stone, something spiky, something noisy) and take a trip along Flashetts or through the woods looking for everything on your list.

2. Litter awareness- books such as “Lots: the Diversity of Life on Earth” by Nicola Davies is a beautifully illustrated way to gently introduce children to the amazing natural world and human impact upon it. You can encourage conversation around this and start to notice and collect litter around the village.

3. Craft time- Make and decorate some cardboard binoculars/ telescopes using loo or kitchen rolls, and use these to spot birds. Overton Library can provide books to help young ornithologists identify the birds they see.

4. Bug hunting- at Overton Preschool Playgroup we love bugs and insects and the children enjoyed creating a caterpillar, bee and ladybird display. “I love Bugs” by Emma Dodd introduces the world of minibeasts, using rhyme, rhythm and gentle humour to demystify even the weirdest or spookiest looking creatures!

Fingers crossed for lots of sunshine this summer!


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