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Mummy mummy I went hunting for tadpoles!”. “Daddy, did you see the baby frogs with tails?!” Such were the cries of joy and excitement when collecting the children from Preschool this week. A large tank arrived one morning at our Preschool setting, filled with weeds, large stones and most thrilling of all, a host of small wriggling little tadpoles. Very respectfully, the children have been watching these fascinating creatures, looking for any sign of change. “Why aren’t they turning into frogs yet? I reeeeeeally want them to be frogs now!” they cry. This has been a lesson in patience as well as zoology.

The arrival of the tadpoles has coincided nicely with the confirmation of reception class places for our Preschoolers. As we are already on the school site, we can feel confident that for many children this will be a smooth transition, with plenty of familiar faces and environments. For the parents on the other hand, we have other hurdles to overcome. What uniform do we need to get? When do we meet their teachers? Are they really old enough for school? Over the last 4 years we have watched our little tadpoles grow tails, legs and now they are nearly ready to hop out of the pond and into a new world of lessons, phonics and assemblies. It’s a scary time especially for the parents but we are very grateful to the wonderful Overton Preschool teachers for helping our little ones prepare for this important change.


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