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Spring Is In the Air

The days are starting to get longer, daffodils and snowdrops are in bloom and I’ve left the house more than once without a coat! Spring is well and truly in the air and it could not be a more welcome visitor after what has felt like the longest winter ever.

Overton in springtime is a wonderful place to be and provides lots of fun things to do to get the little ones out for some fresh air and get involved in learning more about this wonderful season.

Here are a few ways you can have some fun in the spring time sun:

1) Use your senses – ask your little ones to close their eyes and say what they can hear. Hopefully it will be the sweet sound of bird song. We love trying to spot the loudest singing birds in action while walking alongside Flashetts. Next why not get those noses twitching and smelling some of the freshly bloomed flowers around the village.

2) Photo Colour Treasure Hunt – this is a great activity for children learning the colours. With lots of yellows, greens, whites and browns around see how many you can spot and get a photo of the different colours. See how many colours you can collect.

3) Texture Treasure Hunt – If your children are anything like mine I am forever emptying stones, twigs and leaves out of pockets. So why not take a bag along and see how many different textures you can find and collect out and about. Getting them to talk about how the different items feel is a great way to expand their vocabulary and get their imaginations working.

4) Make a bird feeder – All that singing will surely have the birds working up quite the appetite. A great activity to get all involved with is making a simple bird feeder out of any used milk or juice cartoon. Just cut a hole on the side near the bottom to fill with bird feed, add a small dowel rod for a perch and hang up in the garden. If you are feeling adventurous you can even paint it!

5) Spring doesn’t always mean sunshine so it’s still worth donning the wellies to ensure you can all continue to enjoy splashing in the best muddy puddles!

You will notice I haven’t put feed the ducks on the activity list and that’s because the Overton Bridge Street ducks are probably the best fed ducks in all of Hampshire! Hopefully you have been inspired to try a few of the activities listed, to spice up the daily walks. Just seeing a bit of greenery coming through in the sunshine has certainly helped to lift all of our spirits.

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