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Book Review – This is Our House by Michael Rosen

This month the children at Overton Preschool read This Is Our House by Michael Rosen together . Often children’s stories contain a message about behaviour and morality, which is a useful way to spark conversation around the topic. In this story George, the main character, does not share and isn’t nice to people who are different, but he ends up very unhappy.

At the start of the story George gets in the cardboard house and says it is his, no-one else can play in it. Lindy explains that it is for everybody but George doesn’t listen. He won’t let the other children in. He says it is not for girls, not for twins, not for small people. Nor for people who wear glasses. One child tries to tunnel in but George says it isn’t for people who like tunnels! However, George has to leave his house to go to the toilet and while he is gone, everybody gets in! There is no room for George, and they won’t let him in as he has red hair. He is very sad and cross and kicks the house and cries, and then he realises that really the house is for EVERYBODY and they all play together.

After reading the story we discussed that everyone should be treated equally as they have equal rights, and that we need to treat others as we want to be treated. This helps to teach the children to respect their own culture and the culture of others, as well as be kind to others.

The preschool children then talked about the story:

George isn’t nice, you have to share.

Sharing is caring.

Henry, Polly and Abigail are small.

Who wears glasses? – Polly has sunglasses.

Finley said he doesn’t have red hair, his hair is orange.

If George kicks the house it will break.

I’d let my brother and all his toys into the house.


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