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Ants in my Pants - book review

If your Preschool child has been slow in getting dressed in the morning, claiming there is a “Fox in my socks” or “newts in my boots” then I’m afraid you now know who to blame! The children have been loving this wonderful, gently amusing book, and learning how to recognise and make rhyming words.

The premise of a little boy, reluctant to get dressed because he wants to stay at home and play, is certainly a situation that many parents can identify with! We find ourselves empathising with the exasperated Mum in this book, trying to convince her son that no, she can’t see geese in his fleece, or a goat in his coat…

Children find this book particularly engaging for a number of different reasons. Firstly, the copy at Overton Preschool is ENORMOUS, easily A1 in size and big books have a big impact when you’re 3 years old! Secondly, the children love anticipating the next rhyme. Who’s wearing the scarf? It’s the giraffe, of course! There is a natural flow and rhythm throughout which allows the children to think creatively about what could happen next. Finally, the book centres around a daily routine for the children. Getting dressed in the morning is the start of every new day and a familiar situation for them, so they can understand Jacob in the book and why he might prefer to play with his trains in his pyjamas. Thinking about the different characters in this way helps the children label different emotions and identify the feelings involved: Mum is feeling cross now, Jacob is being cheeky, Jacob is feeling happy playing in the snow, Mum likes playing with Jacob.

It’s really a lovely book for this cold time of year, when there is little better than snuggling up on the sofa with a funny story. And can anyone guess what animal Mum found in her hat….? Answers on the back of a postcard!


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