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Tree Planting

We have been busy with Octopus Challenge 2 planting a tree in the local community orchard. The tree was generously donated by the Overton Biodiversity group. Our new plaque will be added shortly so we all know which one is ours.

Overton Octopus Challenge 2022

Overton Preschool Playgroup have been inspired by the work being done by Plastic Free Overton and Sustainable Overton recently and whilst important decisions about our children’s futures were being decided by world leaders in Glasgow at COP26 we decided to set up an initiative of our own.      
We started by looking at What do we do? And how? Specifically with regards to Administration, Events, Food & Drink, Hygiene, Rubbish and Toys. We then explored the plastic free and more environmentally friendly options available and the advantages, time, and monetary implications of making those changes, before finally agreeing to a number of Pledges to help and encourage us to make some changes.
To read a little more detail about the initiative and how you too can make changes and Pledges of your own at home, visit our Facebook page and website.
We want our Pledges to have a big impact so the hope is that the 2021/2022 Octopus Challenge will encourage every child at both Playgroup and Preschool settings to think about our environment and that everything we do and the choices we all make – good or bad - influences the world around us.
An octopus has 3 hearts and at OPP we love our Family, Friends and Community. Octopuses also have 8 arms and since ‘many hands make light work’, we’re asking you to join our Challenge, make a difference, become a bit greener and have some fun!

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