What happens in a day...

No two days are the same, with different activities planned and different resources available for the children. However,  each day follows a similar pattern, giving the children comfort and confidence from the routine.

...at playgroup

Upon arrival the children are greeted by the staff and encouraged to self-register, finding their own name to add to the board, and hanging up their bags and coats. There is then plenty of time for free play, which is as child-led as possible, enabled by staff supporting the children to follow their interests.

Mid morning is Carpet Time where the children learn to sit and listen, move and sing action songs, count and learn about words. This is followed by a snack where children are encouraged to be independent, collecting their own plate and cup and selecting what they would like from a choice of drinks, fruits and a biscuit.

After more play, inside and out, the children work together to tidy up and get ready for story time.

At 12pm some children leave and the others sit together to eat their packed lunch and talk with the staff.


The afternoon is for children to select the activity of their choice, or sometimes a group activity might be prepared.

...at preschool

What happens in a day at playgroup?

Come in - hang up coat, name on board


Carpet time

Snack time



After lunch

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