The Preschool settings sits within the village Primary School, next to the Year R classrooms, which supports a smooth transition from Preschool to school when the time comes.

There is an indoor classroom and also a secure fenced outdoor space next to the external space used by the Year R children.

There is a focus on uninterrupted time to play and explore, priority is given to opportunities for children to develop their own ideas, and the variety and quality of the experiences make Overton Preschool a fun, caring and exciting place to be.

The great outdoors

The children are outside every day throughout the year, dressed appropriately for the weather, both in the preschool garden and in the primary school grounds.

This could be in the woods, enjoying Circle time using natural resources as props or den building, learning to ride bikes and scooters on the school playground, developing physical skills on the trim trail,  or using the playing fields for sports like sack races and setting up our own assault courses to practice on.

The preschool garden includes a sandpit, lawn, a covered area with an outdoor kitchen, space to grow plants, and water play.  

When the children are busy in our mud kitchen they are doing so much more than just playing. 

They are cutting, sieving, chopping, pouring and measuring. It's an opportunity to develop and use mathematical language and concepts - more, less, counting, shapes and size. 

They  are able to explore textures, sounds and smells, and extend their understanding of cause and effect using mud, herbs, water, grass, and even use vegetables, salad and pumpkins, which we have grown together from seed in our garden. They are imitating grown ups by using cooking utensils and creating recipes for their role play. They are developing friendships by expanding their social skills, taking turns and sharing, and talking to each other about what they are doing and what is happening.

In the classroom


Inside there is a home corner and shop, a reading corner, drawing and painting areas, and multiple other islands throughout filled with rotating activities to keep the children engaged and constantly learning something new. The room is filled with stimulating resources relevant to children’s interest.


The children's time is split between child led and adult initiated activities. Activities can follow a theme which could be linked to the EYFS curriculm such as "All about me" or focussing on seasonal topics and changes in the world aorund us.

  • Dough Gym.

  • Music and Movement sessions

  • Art and mark making

  • Circle time

Links to Overton C of E Primary School


  • Use of Reception garden.

  • Maintain good links with School Reception teachers.

  • Invited to watch the School productions.

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